the Tomato Head

the Tomato HeadKaren and I enjoyed the Tomato Head in Knoxville, TN. The Tomato Head has been featured on the Travel Channel and is local favorite. We had the Number 3 pizza which was great!

After dinner, we stayed in the area to watch an outside showing of the “Maltese Falcon“. The city of Knoxville shows movies in the park in front of the Tomato Head every weekend.

Unclaimed Baggage

Karen and I hit the Unclaimed Baggage on our way to Knoxville. And, I think we did minor damage to our wallet on this trip.

Karen bagged a bunch of cloths and hazards chemical glove. Don't ask me about the gloves. I don't know of any hazards chemicals at our house.

I picked up another digital camera battery, because we go through them like candy.

And, would you know we actually bought a piece of luggage! Who would have thought!