Williams-Sonoma Cooking Class: Cooking for Couples

I enjoyed another class at Williams-Sonoma with this one presented by Chef Jason Daniel from Sazio and Starfish. Jason prepared Oven-Baked Brown Rice with Roast Tomatoes, Salmon Baked in Paper (Salmone in Cartoccio), and Watercress, Pear and Goat Cheese Salad with Sherry Vinaigrette.


Due to the limited time and equipment limitations, the rice dish had to be altered from being oven baked to cooked in a pot on the stove as more of a pilaf. And, it was under cooked a great deal. You could tell that the dish had potential.


The salad was great and it allowed the class to prepare the pears and pick watercress away from their stems. This dish was very good. And, I learned that the Huntsville area is one of the largest producers of watercress due to all the cold springs in the area.


The salmon presented nicely with the parchment paper. The fish was very moist. Karen and I have done this technique and it is very easy to do.

Some items are copyrighted by Williams-Sonoma.

Free The Hops

Karen and I have thrown our support behind the Alabamians for Specialty Beer. The organization goes by Free The Hops. The group “is a grassroots, citizen-driven movement solely committed to lifting the 6% alcohol by volume and 1 pint container limits for beer brewed or sold in Alabama.”

There are many beers sold that are not allowed in the state of Alabama due to these restrictions.