Cathedral Cavern

Katie Beth in Cathedral CavernWe had a cool time exploring Cathedral Cavern. It was our first time to ever go in Cathedral Cavern. It was Katie Beth’s first big cave. The stalactite and stalagmite formations were awesome.  Other than the waterfall, Ruby Falls pales in comparison.

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Visiting Hope’s New House

Canoe TripKaren, Katie Beth, and I headed over to Rome, Georgia to visit my sister and her family.  She gave us a tour of her school’s campus and showed us the K-8 school that she will be the directing.

Katie Beth had a blast seeing Hannah and Charlie.  Katie Beth experienced her first ride on a canoe.

After a bike ride and blackberry picking, we enjoyed some ice cream with our picked berries and homemade blackberry syrup.

Chicago Cubs versus Cincinnati Reds

Wrigley FieldWhat an adventure after volunteering to get bumped from a flight for $500, I dumped my luggage at the every hotel I was put up at for the night and headed off to the Chicago Cubs baseball game.

After a van ride, a train ride, and a bus ride, I finally made it to the game.  In the end, the Cincinnati Reds finished off the Chicago Cubs 6 to 1.

I got back to the hotel room at around 12:30 AM just so I could get back up at 5:30 AM.

The Crags & Devil’s Playground Trails

Reservoir View from The CragsI hiked to The Crags, which provides wonderful view of the North Catamount Reservoir,  Crystal Reservoir, and Divide Colorado.  It was very windy at the top.

After hiking back down, I switched to the Devil’s Playground Trail, which is the back trail to summit Pike’s Peak.  I only wanted to hike to the tree line due to my limited time. The panorama photo below is from above the tree line on the way to the Devil’s Playground.


The hike was 10 miles overall and about 2,800 feet total ascent.

Mt. Cutler and St. Mary’s Falls Hikes

Mt Cutler with Columbine in BackgroundI got in two hikes today.  I started with Mt. Cutler trail has I have always seen this trail from the Columbine Trail on the other side of North Cheyenne Canyon.  The trail is only 2 miles round trip, but it includes a view of Seven Falls,  south Colorado Springs, and North Cheyenne Canyon.  It rained a small bit, but it was well worth the hike.

You can see more Mt. Cutler Trail photos here.

Next, I started the longest hike I have so far done on this trip.  I had no idea what St. Mary’s Falls would look like given some falls out here are just a trickle of water.  In the end, it was very beautiful.  The video doesn’t do the falls justice.  The hike was a bit over 10 miles with views of the creek along the way.  Bicyclist share the trail, you need to listen out for them coming down the trail.  Early section of this trail and nearby trails allow all-terrain vehicles.

You can see more St. Mary’s Falls Trail photos here.

Palmer Loop Trail

Bear Creek on Palmer Loop TrailToday, I hiked the Palmer Loop Trail. I should have gone the opposite direction as I went the direction with the steepest slope.  The trail was nice and included many spots with great views and two waters falls.

The hike was about 6.3 miles with great weather and no thunderstorm, thankfully.

You can see more photos here. The username and password are “friends” and “photos”.