Parenting Fun

SkeletonKaren slipped a skeleton under Katie Beth’s covers earlier today.  Well, you can see the results as Katie Beth decided to throw the skeleton down the stairs to make a statement of her dissatisfaction.

Isn’t it great being a parent.  And, we can afford the therapy that I see in her future.

MWR Oktoberfest

We had a great time at the festival. Karen is pictured blowing her lungs out while plying the Alpine Horn.

Katie Beth had her first candy apple and it was tasty according to her.  We thought it was mighty red given the color of Katie Beth’s face.
We had fun visiting Ms. Grace at the Home Depot booth while Katie Beth built a chalkboard door hanger. Ms. Grace even slipped us bird house kit to build at home. She is so sweet.

The liters of beer were tasty as always to Karen and I. The VIP area was awesome and thanks to The Nook for the passes.