Scottsboro and De Soto State Park

Indian Fall at DeSoto State ParkThe days started out with a trip to Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro, Alabama.  We scored some books, Easter decorations, and a memory card.  It is always a fun visit as you never know what you will find.

After a great lunch on the square at Payne’s Sandwich Shop and Soda Fountain, we headed to DeSoto State Park for some hiking.

We stopped in the Country Store & Information Center to get some hiking ideas and determine camping details for a future trip.

We enjoyed a short 3 mile hike alone the Blue and Orange trails to the Laurel Falls, Indian Falls, and Lost Falls.

You can see more photos of the hike here.

Stone Cuts Trail Hiking and More

Katie Beth Clicking at Stone CutsWe kicked off Spring Break with a hike in Monte Sano State Park to the Stone Cuts Trail.  The bicycle ride up Bankhead Parkway put the burn in our leg muscles for sure.

Katie Beth had great time climbing the rocks at Stone Cuts.

After hiking, we headed to Monte Sano playground for Katie Beth to have to time with other children.

The ladies had fun zooming down Bankhead Parkway to end our trek.

You can see more photos here.

Here is our route:

Day 1 of Retirement

Karen and Brian AllenIt is hard to believe that Karen and I made it to this day.  Some have been very surprised when they have heard that we are retiring.  But, a long time age, Karen taught me to be a saver versus a spender.  Others taught me how to get started in investments.

But, here we are retiring financially independent with a blank sheet of what to do next in this adventure of life with my soul mate.

It is going to be a blast is all I know.