Garden of the Gods

Garden of the GodsKaren and I started hiking with an easy beautiful walk around the Garden of the Gods along the Perkins Central Garden trail. The trail wanders around the central area of the Garden of the Gods. It is a paved trail with the only issue being sun exposure. At the right time of the year, flowers will be in bloom. We experienced rich green vegetation due to all the rain in the area for the past weeks.

Review of Dr. Nightingale Races the Outlaw Colt

Dr. Nightingale: Races The Outlaw Colt was quick read. It is a series book in the A Deirdre Quinn Nightingale Mystery series.

The story starts out with a celebration of Wynton Chung's second year with the Hillsbrook Police Department ending in his death. Deirdre's police detective boyfriend, Allie Voegler, goes off the depth end on this case feeling his friend's death is his fault. His police captain, Joe Giugh, tells him to get out of town if he wants to keep his job after beating on lady during questioning. This situation has Deirdre hot on the case, but possible in over her head given that she is shot at.

I think I would call this a summer read. The plot was easy to follow, but the characters may be too thin for some readers.

Judge Baldwin's Brewing Company

I am sitting in Judge Baldwin's drinking their Baby Buddha Dopplebock. I have already finished a Raspberry Wheat.

Judge Baldwin's serves every beer with a straw holding a pretzel. I enjoy this, but you may not.

The Raspberry Wheat has a nice fruity raspberry bouquet and a light taste of raspberry in the finish. The beer is served with a slice of lime which can be added or not. I like it both ways.

Side Bar: Judge Baldwin's presently has a great happy hour special which has all of their brews and appetizers at two bucks. You can't beat that can you!

On to the next beer:
The Baby Buddha Dopplebock is a little sweet with light mouth feel. The beer was licorice high lights. I don't think I have ever found a bad dopplebock.

Time to settle up and head over to Jack Quinn's to listen to John Wise's group Tribe.

Il Vicino

Il Vicino was a new brew. The Mexicito is brewed new the style of a Mexician lager with agave juice.

The beer has fruity after tones with mellow malty flavors. It has light body and is servered with a slice of lime. I think a orange slice would have gone well with the fruitiness. It would go well with fish, but Il Vicino doesn't serve fish. Bummer!

While at Il Vicino, I had the Brown ale which is hoppy for a brown ale. But, I will have to say that most Colorado Springs beer are over hopped for their style. I always enjoy this style of beer in Colorado Springs. Il Vicino's Brown has more haze than most.

Colorado Springs for Work and Vacation!

I am sitting in Colorado Springs getting some work done. Karen will be joining me on Friday for a few days of vacation.

Last night, I stopped by Jack Quinn's for dinner. I had a Guinness and soup which was great.

Jack Quinn's is great place for draft beer and great music. Frequently, the music will be Irish folk music.

Beer Cooler Gone!

Well, the beer cooler was sold and picked up Saturday. We sold it for $250 which about what I paid for it.

I will miss the great parties we had with it servering up cold draft beer.

My wife wants to purchase new one for the new house. We will see?