Walt Disney World Trip Day 8

The Boneyard and Tusk of Wooly MammothWe went to the Animal Kingdom again today.  We  finished Katie Beth’s adventure as  Wilderness Explorer.  She only lacked a couple of badges.

We went to Katie Beth’s favorite place in the Animal Kingdom, which The Boneyard.  I love listening to the crazy play list that includes a lot of popular rock songs that have dinosaur, rock, or bone themes in them.  Who knew there were so many!

T-Shirt RelayAfter Animal Kingdom, we head back to Disney’s Boardwalk Villas and Luna Park Pool.  Katie Beth joined in the pool games including  t-shirt swimming relay.  The kids had to work hard to swap the wet shirt from racer to racer much less the actual swimming with a t-shirt.

Karen and I relaxed a lot pool side, because we had a lot of packing ahead of us today.

You can see more photos from today here.  Remember, the username and password are “friends” and “photos”.

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