Halloween and Lots of Costumes

Katie Beth as Vampire Devil for HalloweenThe weather threatened to rain the whole evening, but we ended up getting out to go trick-or-treating with Katie Beth in the end.  Katie Beth went as a vampire devil.  Our neighbor really decorated their front porch and an awesome way.

This year, we had lots of Halloween events to go to so Katie Beth got to dress up as various things each time including a bumblebee, a rock’n roll star, and a vampire.

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Here are all of her outfits for this Halloween season.

Trunk-Or-Treat at Queen of the Universe Church

School Themed TrunkWe had an enjoyable evening at the Trunk-Or-Treat hosted by Queen of the Universe Church.  We all dressed up.  Katie Beth got to be a bee.

Many of the cars were decorated very well.  The tricked out  hearse was probably the best.

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First Bologna Sandwich

Bologna SandwichYou may be shocked or not shocked, but Katie Beth had never had a bologna sandwich prior to today.  With all the organic food coming through our house, the idea of bologna is far from what you would see in our house.

Katie Beth loved it to say the least.  The photos shows her licking mustard off her lips.

Pumpkin Craving and Power Tools!

Craving PumpkinDetail Pumpkin WorkIt was pumpkin craving time here at the Allen’s house.  Karen took it up a notch and pulled out the power tools.  She pulled out the Dremel.

There was a lot of fun to be had.

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Having Fun with Science at the Kids Trek

Making Water Molecules Models Katie Beth and I went to Kids Trek at the Madison County Public Library today.  Martha Williams puts on this free event, which is rich with science and discovery activities for children and adults like.  The focus is on the children, but adults can participate in all the activities.

Cheese RampWe started with making water molecule models out of sugar drops and marshmallows.  The models were fun, but the proton and neutron nucleus made out of marshmallows was very sticky.

We made a ramp out of cheese and discussed the affect a ramp has on a force.  Katie Beth may have enjoyed the cheese ramp more as a snack.


Walt Disney World Trip Day 8

The Boneyard and Tusk of Wooly MammothWe went to the Animal Kingdom again today.  We  finished Katie Beth’s adventure as  Wilderness Explorer.  She only lacked a couple of badges.

We went to Katie Beth’s favorite place in the Animal Kingdom, which The Boneyard.  I love listening to the crazy play list that includes a lot of popular rock songs that have dinosaur, rock, or bone themes in them.  Who knew there were so many!

T-Shirt RelayAfter Animal Kingdom, we head back to Disney’s Boardwalk Villas and Luna Park Pool.  Katie Beth joined in the pool games including  t-shirt swimming relay.  The kids had to work hard to swap the wet shirt from racer to racer much less the actual swimming with a t-shirt.

Karen and I relaxed a lot pool side, because we had a lot of packing ahead of us today.

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Walt Disney World Trip Day 7

IMG_0296We hung out  poolside at Luna Park Pool.  Katie Beth had fun with the pool side games and playing with the underwater camera.  If you haven’t tried ESPN Club’s food, you have missed out.  It is a short walk from Disney’s Boardwalk Villas.


In the evening, we headed into Epcot to enjoy more of the International Food & Wine Festival.  We stopped in France’s Pavilion to get something new for Katie Beth.  We had her try it before we told her what it was.  The photo on the left is her reaction to the taste.  The photo on the right is her reaction to learning what it was.  She was eating escargot in a butter garlic sauce.

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Walt Disney World Trip Day 6

Blizzard Beach FunWe spent today at Disney’s Blizzard Beach.  Katie Beth just loves going across their ice berg walkway.

We had a chance to our underwater camera case.

Karen enjoyed having time to read her book.

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Walt Disney World Trip Day 5

Brazil SamplesToday, we ate our way around Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival.  We enjoyed so many different items.  Katie Beth had fun when ladies for Italy Pavilion decided to dance with her.

Katie Beth road Epcot’s Soarin’ for the first time.  She really enjoyed it.  In the past, she got spooked before we road it likely due to the darkness.  We also road Test Track.

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Walt Disney World Trip: Day 4

Captain Jack Sparrow's Pirate TutorialToday, we spent out time at the Magic Kingdom.

We started playing Disney’s “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom” game, which has you traveling all over the Magic Kingdom.  You start this game at Firehouse on Main Street, where they give you a free set of playing cards along with a map.  With the map and cards, you take on Disney Villains and help Merlin protect or secure the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom.  We had a great time playing today, but we were just getting a feel for the game.

Hundred Acre WoodIn Adventureland, Katie Beth was selected to join Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Tutorial up on stage.  This is a lot of fun.  Junior Pirates Wanted, Sword Fighting 101, and Join Ye the Crew!  Four children are selected to join Jack and company on the stage for sword fighting.  After training, other children are asked to join them up on stage for the official pirate’s oath.

We dropped by and road the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, but more importantly, we got our traditional photo of Katie Beth next to Mr. Sanders’ House (Winnie the Pooh’s house if you didn’t know).

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