Aunt Sharon’s Pogo Stick Gift

Katie Beth has been wanting a pogo stick for sometime, now. It took awhile for her to figure it out, but she got better with each try.

You can see photos here.  The username and password are “friends” and “photos”.

Hiking and Panning

Karen Panning for GoldWe hiked in the Stratton Open Space.  This was our first walk into one the water  reservoir areas.

After hiking, we visited the Starsmore Discovery Center to panned for gold.  I’m still typing so we obviously didn’t find the mother load.

My Birthday Girl

Katie Beth Turned 6 TodayKatie Beth turned 6 years old today.  Given we are out of town, we decided to take her out to dinner to some place new to her, Red Robin.

We enjoyed the food and she had never had a restaurant sing to her.  She was surprised to say the least of their dessert presentation and singing.

Hiking Palmer Park’s South Side

Small CavityWe hiked the south side of Palmer Park for the first time today.  We got rained on a bit, but it just cooled us down.

We decided we liked this area a lot better than the northern side of the park.

You can see more photos here. Remember, username and password are “friends” and “photos”.