America the Beautiful Park and Kites

Two Kites and Katie Beth Flying ThemKaren picked up kites and Katie Beth has been wanting to fly them ever since.  We finally got to a park to fly them.

The weather was good for kites.  Katie Beth got the first one up with a little help.  She quickly wanted to move on to flying the second kite, which went up much easier for Katie Beth.

Katie Beth switched focus to wanting to share the flying experience with other children by running with a flying kite toward children asking if they wanted to fly them with her.

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Bear Creek Walk

Katie Beth with Dandelion We had an easy walk in the Bear Creek Park with great weather.  The temperatures were in the mid 70’s to low 80’s.

We saw horses in the nearby Penrose Equestrian Park.

We walked the creek edge. Upon our return, we found animal reminds that could have been a deer. We even found a green and yellow with brown spots, which we believe was a Bullsnake.  Katie Beth thought all of these things were cool.

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Katie Beth and Tasha’s Colorado Playdate

The Scientists: Katie Beth and TashaKatie Beth and Tasha got to have a playdate in Denver. Tasha is one of Katie Beth’s classmate.  Tasha and her mother are traveling a lot this summer. They are in Denver for a few days so Karen and Katie Beth headed up for a visit.

They all went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for the day.

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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Feeding the BirdsKaren and Katie Beth headed to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  They had a blast while I was at work today.  They got to see a lot of the animals being feed.

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Dinner at The Airplane Restaurant

IMG_3587Katie Beth had been suggesting repeatedly for us to have dinner at The Airplane Restaurant.  Well, we had dinner there tonight.

Katie Beth was too excited to the point of being timid to take the controls.

The foods is good, but nothing too special.  The decor was very impressive.  Hey, they had an airplane in the building.  The realistic mannequins in-flight gear would throw you off as they look very realistic.  You can tell that many pilots have come to this restaurant as pilgrimage.

Hiking Palmer Park

Palmer Park HikingWe had a great time hiking Palmer Park today.  The weather was just wonderful.  Karen asked me what I wanted to do for Father’s Day.  Hiking was the answer.

Afterwards, we had a great late lunch at Il Vicino and headed to Jack Quinn’s for dinner/music.

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Palmer Park 6-16-13 12:29:40 PM

Red Nose Party at Millibo Art Theatre

MAT!We were dropping by the Bristol Brewing Company’s tap room and we saw a crowd nearby taking part in something.  Inside Bristol Brewing, we saw lots of people with red clown noses.

We decided it was time to figure out what this was all about so we headed down to what turned out to be the Millibo Art Theatre (MAT!) fundraiser kickoff.

We had a great time joining into the fun of the event, which was the Red Nose Party.

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