Buritt Museum

Katie Beth as HanselWe want to Buritte Museum to see “The Whimsical Woods”.  It was raining so it affected what we could do, but in the end, we had a good time.

Katie Beth and other children with the help of the staff put on a puppet play of Hansel and Gretel.  It was funny seeing the children’s effort.

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First Day in First Grade

First GraderKatie Beth headed off to her first day at school as a first grader.  She got a little nervous while getting ready at home.  But, we talked about it a bit and she warmed up to going.

She was very excited to be going by the time we got to school.

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Fun Night with Huntsville Stars and Hope’s Family

Katie Beth Allen Winning Musical ChairsCharlie got to announce the Huntsville Stars’ players in the bottom of the third inning. He said he had a great time.

Katie Beth had been hoping to play musical chairs with Hannah and Charlie in the top of the fifth inning. But, she ended up doing it with two other children. Katie Beth had a blast and actually won! We were all so surprised as she didn’t seem to be paying attention.

Huntsville Stars’ Announcer

Katie Beth Allen Announcing for Huntsville StarsKatie Beth had a blast being the Huntsville Stars’ Announcer tonight.

As part of being an announcer, she also received a McDonald’s t-shirt and McDonald’s Happy Meal.

What a fun night as friends were texting me while Katie Beth was making announcements! They heard her voice and knew it was her.

She enjoyed her Happy Meal even more than announcing I think.Free Happy MealHappy Meal and Katie Beth You can see more photos here. The username and password are “friends” and “photos”.