Rainbow Mountain Hike

Katie Beth at Rainbow MountainWe went for a hike this morning before Katie Beth’s last soccer game of the Spring season. The weather was great. We saw a lot of wildlife including a rabbit, chipmunks, squirrels, and birds. Katie Beth took a small tumble and cut her knee, but she went on after a bit a comfort time with Karen.

We ended at the playground were Katie Beth played for bit prior to us head to the soccer game.


Hanging Out with Friends

We are having a great time hanging out with friends enjoying their celebration and listening to our friends Microwave Dave and the Nukes.

Bear Creek Regional Park Hike

It was a great day for getting outdoors.  The temperature was 73°F with a few clouds.  I hiked in the Bear Creek Regional Park, which is filled with trails suitable to bikes, horses, and people.  The creek itself is tiny.  It feeds into Fountain Creek, which runs by America the Beautiful Park.

The hike was about 7.5 miles and a little less than two hours of total time.

I snapped a few photos along the hike, but the GPS unit’s camera is not too good with the lighting.

12-MAY-13 01:39:29 PM