Pikes Peak Greenway

Pikes Peak from Colorado Ave BridgeI had a great walk on part of Pikes Peak Greenway starting from American the Beautiful Park.  The weather is just amazing today with 72°F and light breeze.

I walked past all sorts of parks and recreation facilities.  The trail was full of lots of other people enjoying the day, too.  I will have to do this again, but in the opposite direction.  Overall, I went 6.5 miles.

Colorado Springs Greenway 04-28-2013 2:04pm

Ronning Get Together

Karen arrived for a family get together and a chance to use her metal detector. We met at Willis Chapel.

Everyone had a great time.

We even stopped at the gate to Karen’s grandparent’s old homestead. It a 200 acre area that the family calls Old Mountain. Karen’s brother decide to ride on to look at it closer. It was getting late so we had to head on home.
Selected Data from Rino 655t (GARMIN)

Face Painting Fun

Katie Beth is having a blast today and the excitement has not stopped.

We are having dinner at Mellow Mushroom and Gabrielle is here doing Face Painting. Gabrielle is wonderful. She is painting bracelets on Katie Beth.

Here are the results, which I think are nice. They are a big improvement over the traditional face painting.

Hopefully, Katie Beth will not rub it off during the night. She likes to see things, but she doesn’t like having stuff on her. But, dirt is fine from what I can tell.

You can see more photos here.

Awesome day!

It’s an awesome day to be out in the treehouse. The weather is just super with the temperature at 77°F.

Hot salsa from Bandito Burrito is just perfect.

Katie Beth’s First Time Bowling

Away it GoesKatie Beth had a blast bowling with her Aunt Hope, Charlie, and Hannah while her Aunt Faith tried hard to take photos of everything.

Hopefully, we didn’t over do it. Nothing like the annual bowling event to kill your arm!

You can see more photos here.