Croquet Anyone?

Giant GameWe came out for the Easter egg hunt today at the Huntsville Botanical Garden. Katie Beth had a blast with the five and six your old children hunt. She got two golden eggs.

We stopped for a big game of croquet.

You can see more photos here.

Spring is Here

The feeling of Spring in the weather has finally arrived. Last week in the Smoky Mountains, we felt like it was still Winter.

The highs this weekend are going to be in the 60s.

I’m looking forward to firing up the grill or the smoker.

Thunderhead Prong Trail

We hiked a new trail for us today. We have hiked Middle Prong Trail, which has a set of beautiful water falls, but we want to do something new.

This trail was an old railroad bed included old bridge foundations. Katie Beth enjoyed cross Long Branch and maybe even falling in on the return route. We had to turn back, because the recent rain had raised the level of the creek too much to cross.

Thunderhead Trail

Laurel Falls Hike followed by Fox and Parrot Tavern

We had a nice hike to Laurel Falls today. Katie Beth was excited, because a family with 5 children walked the trail with us.

The drive to the falls parking area had many icicles hanging from the rocks. After starting the hike, Katie Beth enjoyed getting them along the trail and eating them like a snacks.

Playing Games After DinnerAfter the hike, we stopped at the Sugarland Visitor Center. Katie Beth enjoyed seeing the mounted and stuffed animals. We headed to Pigeon Forge and Sevierville to shop the outlet stores.

We finished the day dinner at The Fox and Parrot Tavern. The Fish and Chips are the best we have ever had and Katie enjoyed them, too. Katie Beth enjoyed engaging the staff and other customers. She even figures out some of the bar puzzles.

Laurel Falls Trail

Hiking the Lead Cove Trail

Karen and Katie Beth at the start of Lead Cove TrailWe all headed out to enjoy our first hike on a trail. We picked Lead Cove Trail because it looked to be in the sun for most of the trail and the trail followed Sugar Cove Prong (stream). We saw a lot of rhododendron and fallen trees. The fallen trees looked to be from a storm as they were all pointing in the same direction.

The temperature was very cold, but it felt good in the sun. Katie Beth got her pants wet and the pants froze stiff by the end of our hike. We hiked high enough and into the shade enough to see snow.

In Cades Cove, the deer were everywhere grazing in the fields.

Lead Trail Hike