Lo Cain’s Number One Fan

Katie Beth is such a fan of Lorenzo Cain (Lo Cain) of the Brewers and a former Huntsville Stars player. Steve and Allison Tofflemire surprised Katie Beth tonight with her very own Lo Cain shirt. This is a one of kind shirt that Allison and Steve had made. Lo Cain is the nickname that the players called Lorenzo Cain in Huntsville. The Huntsville fans started calling him this and it stuck, but the major league fans don’t really know him by this nickname.

Tonight, we all gathered to watch the second game of the world series and Allison and Steve couldn’t resist the opportunity to give Katie Beth this wonderful gift. Karen and I didn’t even know about the gift.

Even before going over to their home, Katie Beth was assuming that we would be seeing Lo Cain playing baseball so she started chanting, “Go Lo Cain!”

Thanks, Allison and Steve.