Tommy’s Pizza for Dinner

Tommy's Pizza for DinnerWhat a busy, busy day! We are ending it with pizza. How could you go wrong?

Karen, Katie Beth, and I have started to run out of energy.

Tomorrow, we start it all over with mass, donuts, and more fun in the sun and sand.


We have been celebrate all sorts of things this summer.

For Katie Beth’s 3rd birthday, we had a pool party, which Katie Beth really seemed to enjoy.

You can see more pictures here: Katie Beth’s Huntsville Celebration and Pool Party.

Karen wishes her birthday wasn’t in the middle of Christmas season so we celebrate her ½ birthday in the middle of July.  This year, I worked with the Huntsville Stars to arrange for a skybox and invited some of Karen’s friends that she hadn’t seen in awhile.

You can see more here: Karen’s ½ Birthday.

Just around the corner is Karen and my 14th anniversary and my 44th birthday so the partying will not stop.


Karen’s ½ Birthday Party at Huntsville Stars

First Pitch Honors on Karen's ½ BirthdayKaren had a great time celebrating her ½ birthday today at the Huntsville Stars’ baseball game. She didn’t know that myself and others had put together a list of wonderful surprises. Matthew arranged for Karen to be the fan of the day so Karen and Katie Beth could ride into the game with Homer, the team mascot.

Many of Karen’s friend were hiding out in a skybox. Karen only had to look up to see them all pressed against the glass watching.

After riding into the game with Homer, we keep Karen on the field and then she learned that she was throwing out the first pitch of the game.

We then went up to the skybox to take Allison Tofflemire’s drink up to Steve Tofflemire. Allison told Karen that Steve and her parents were up there because it was so hot. It was over 90° degrees.
Blowing out Candles

When we arrived at the skybox, everyone was already there waiting. Karen was surprised at seeing so many faces greet her. Janice Houston and Steve Tanner with their daughter Clair, Ann And Jay Kissell, Jeff Thornburg, my parents, Allison and Steve Tofflemire, Larry and Margaret Bennett, Larry Veeder, Meg Leach, Elizabeth and Bob Riggle were there. More dropped in throughout the evening.

We all had a great time and the food from Scott Tolmach of Sodexo was just wonderful.

Rainbow Mountain Trails

Rainbow Mountain TrailsWe are out hiking this morning. We have never hiked this area, but we will be doing it more in the future.

The temperature is in the upper 80’s and the humidity is high. Katie Beth is sweating a lot.Rainbow Mountain Trail Playground

Hiking was cut short, because Katie Beth found a playground on the trails.

The trails have a big variety of areas including cliffs, open areas, and forests.

Night at SciQuest

Night at SciQuestWe are having a lovely evening at SciQuest tonight.

Katie Beth just thinks this is the best place to hang out. I tend to agree.

We even walked through the Space exhibit that is here through summer.