Huntsville Stars

Karen playing at YahtzeeWhat a night is it has been.

First, we joked about the Huntsville Stars and the radio station WZYP attempting to break the record for the most people in bikinis in a photo with their “Beach Night”.  They had to get more than 1,923 bikini-clad women to break the record.

At the last minute, we stopped before going out the door on our way to the game.  I got Katie Beth’s hula skirt and matching bikini.  Karen grabbed the Huntsville Stars beach towel.  We arrived at the game and saw the big WZYP vehicle out front of the stadium.

We hopped out of the car and Katie Beth looked cute with her bikini, sunglasses, and a towel over her shoulder.  The hula skirt was blowing in the wind.  Everyone in the ticket office loved how Katie Beth looked.  They were all leaning out of their windows to look.

You can see all the pictures here, but remember “Friends” and “Photos” are the username and password respectively.

Well, we didn’t see any other people in bikinis.  None!

About this time, the radio staff walked up to us and told Katie Beth that she won the contest.  We didn’t know their was a contest.  We were just thinking Katie Beth could be in the picture or just have fun.

We were given two season tickets to next season!  Wow!

We were beside ourselves.  Everyone was happy for us.

They still planned on taking a picture for the attempt at the record.  Katie Beth and the radio personality went down to the baseball field and had their picture taken together.

Next up, Yahtzee!

Karen was selected to play Yahtzee on the baseball field prior to the game.  With a little help, she was able to roll a Yahtzee of ones.  She won a set of tickets to next year’s AA All Stars game, which will be hosted at the Huntsville Stars stadium.

Onto the news!

Given Katie Beth was wearing a hula skirt and bikini, I knew that I could get her videoed by the local newscasters.  Well it was twofer night, because Katie Beth walked up and kissed a little boy next to the newscasters while they were videoing the game.  Two of the sports casters quickly turned and started videoing.  Katie went on to go after the poor little boy and kissed him again.  She ended up in both newscasts as the lead into the Huntsville Stars piece.

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