Playing in the Mud

Playing in the MudThere is nothing like playing in the mud on a rainy day. Katie Beth is loving it.

And, we got to checkout our new bicycle seat for Katie Beth, which I think she likes. But, she is almost too big for it. I know Karen is going to love hearing that given she just purcased it this week. But, she only paid $7.

Earlyworks Childrens’ Museum

Earlyworks Childrens' MuseumKatie Beth is working at the General Store. We are in “Biscuit’s Backyard” for young children at the Earlyworks Childrens’ Museum.

Katie Beth enjoyed playing with the water, too. They have coveralls to keep you dry, which is very nice.

There were too many children, which means there is not enough of each item to go around. But, it all works out.