Tickets Purchased, Rooms Booked, and Plans Made

We are heading back to Colorado Springs for my work for two more trips during the next months. I am looking forward to it. (Karen may or may not by the end of it all.)

But, we are still wanting to handle the needs from the last trip like having a highchair and microwave in the room for Karen to use.

Our first trip will be via airplane and the second will be via train. Weee!

Taking A Break

Taking A BreakIt is tough playing so hard. Katie Beth was having a blast on all of the playground equipment during the Monte Sano Art Show. She went down the slides all by herself including climbing up to the slide and going down.

Monte Sano Art Show and Jam Session

Monte Sano Art Show and Jam SessionKatie Beth Sits in with the Band

Katie Beth joined in with a band of drummers at Monte Sano Art Show. She had been dancing early on in the session. In this picture, she is just sitting and studying the instrument in front of her, which I believe is a didjeridu.

We go ever year and this year Katie Beth could jam with the band. She enjoyed walking around in the dirt, too.

Katie Beth, Pockits, and Rocks

Katie Beth, Pockits, and RocksKatie Beth learned pockits are for holding things like rocks. She would keep picking up rocks and filling her pockits.

She had great time and she to learned to hold her mouth open so daddy could look for rocks, which frequented her mouth.

We got to ride our bicycle to the playground.

Allison’s Visited Tonight

Allison's Visited TonightWe had great time tonight with Allison. She joined us for dinner and a movie. We had homemade lasagna with homemade French bread. The movie was Rataouille, which Allison hasn’t seen and Karen has only seen parts due to sleeping through some of it.

Katie Beth enjoyed Allison’s entertainment, which was non-stop from walking in the door to Katie Beth going to sleep.