Visit to Big Spring

My wife (Karen Allen) and I took Katie Beth to see the ducks at Big Springs Park in downtown Huntsville, Alabama. She loved it to say the least.

Katherine even went so far as to step into the water with her shoes. Mind you, she doesn't walk so this was more of a stumble into the water. After her shoes got wet, we removed them and let her put her feet into the water. She didn't mind the cold at all. She kicked and splashed the water while laughing. Karen took lots of pictures so you should see some online soon.

Katherine enjoyed the ducks and fish. I wasn't sure what to expect for her reaction to the ducks. Every time I threw bread to the ducks she crawled after it and tried to put it in her mouth. She was even trying to get it out of the water. I think she liked the fish dibbling on her fingers in the water. Her excitement kept the ducks at safe distance that is safe for the ducks.

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