Great Birthday Celebration

Brian's BirthdayI turned 41 today.  I had expected a mellow birthday given how busy we have been.  But, it turned into pretty good birthday.
It started with breakfast at Market Street Café.  We strolled from our house with Katherine Elizabeth.  It is about a mile, which make for a nice stroll.  Karen had the Swiss Omelet and I had two eggs, bacon, and biscuit with gravy.  Hmm! What a start for the day.

I ran into work for few hours.  On the way home, I stopped off to get the rest of my birthday dinner at Publix grocery store.  We had already picked up some sushi grade tuna, which we are going to serve as an appetizer.  I was looking for the rest of the meal.  I picked up some fresh green beans, fresh baby carrots, sweet potatoes, and chicken wings.

The chicken wings were to be added to the chicken legs that I had already thawed at home.  The chicken was going to be marinaded in hot sauce and then Dale's sauce, which makes for great chicken.

Some of the tuna will be served sliced with soy sauce and wasabi.  The remaining tuna will be lightly salted and peppered prior to searing it.

The sweet potatoes were baked and served with a pecan orange butter.  The green beans and carrots were steamed then seasoned.

We purchased my birthday cake at The Fresh Market.  We picked out a cake called Mud Cake, which was wonderful.  It was pure chocolate with some flour thrown in the mix.

My parents joined us for the evening.  My dad and I enjoyed Smithwick's ale.

Everyone had a great time, and the gifts were great, too.

– Brian Allen