Our 11th Anniversary

It looks like we will be staying home for our 11th anniversary. Karen is concerned about traveling with our new baby girl (born July 2nd). I understand and we will still have fun doing something around home.

My Sister Is In Town

My sister, Hope Jones, is in town with her children for a month. She is jumping at the chance to see Katherine Elizabeth.

Her children have been video chatting with us over the past month. It started with them asking were is the baby. We would show them Karen's belly. After the birth, they wanted the to see Katherine Elizabeth. Who still is manner sleeping.

Her husband will be joining her later during the visit. He is presently attending a number of conferences for this work.

Got my iPhone

I have had it for little over a week. Overall, I have enjoyed it, but it does have issues. The readability of the screen is super. The size and weight are great. The battery lasts longer than expected.

The bluetooth is a big bummer. You can't use it for anything beyond headsets. You can't even send a contact to another phone. (I haven't found any way to send a contact to another phone.) The headset functionality is very limited with no voice dialing.

The WiFi has issues with connecting to some networks. I switched one network from a 40bit to 128bit key and then the iPhone could connect. On some WiFi networks that it connects to, it can not get a DHCP assigned address.

The GSM signal reception is very weak compared to the T68i and W300i by SonyEricsson.

I just hope updates come soon for the phone.

Planning Anniversary Trip

Karen and I have started planning our 11th anniversary trip.  This year will be different now that we have our little girl, Katherine Elizabeth, to join our trip.

We may only go on a simple trip to somewhere nearby.

Baby Pictures

We have been snapping pictures everyday since Katherine Elizabeth Allen was born.  Click on the picture below to see them.  To read more, click over to our baby blog.

Click to see more pictures.