Got my iPhone

I have had it for little over a week. Overall, I have enjoyed it, but it does have issues. The readability of the screen is super. The size and weight are great. The battery lasts longer than expected.

The bluetooth is a big bummer. You can't use it for anything beyond headsets. You can't even send a contact to another phone. (I haven't found any way to send a contact to another phone.) The headset functionality is very limited with no voice dialing.

The WiFi has issues with connecting to some networks. I switched one network from a 40bit to 128bit key and then the iPhone could connect. On some WiFi networks that it connects to, it can not get a DHCP assigned address.

The GSM signal reception is very weak compared to the T68i and W300i by SonyEricsson.

I just hope updates come soon for the phone.

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