Running with Nike+Kit

 Prodimages 44 C1371Ab8-3C97-49F0-98Ca-Dd6C7D7Bdee4I have been running again since this summer. So, Karen gave me a Nike+Kit for my birthday in August. I don’t have Nike+ shoes, but that is not a problem. The device works great with the pouch that Karen made for the sensor.

I have only one complaint about the device and associated software. If your iPod needs to be reset, you will lose all of your runs from your iPod. The online site will still have the runs, but your totals in iTunes and on the iPod will only be for your runs after the reset. You can backup the iPod’s hidden files to save the data, but it is not a perfect solution.

Another Tips: Pressing the center button on the iPod while running will mark your speed and distance, which will be reported with your run. The standard is to only report every mile and at the half way point. I use this feature to check my speed during key parts of my course.

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