Hiking in the Huntsville Land Trust in the N&S Section

Karen and I got out and did some hiking today.  The weather was great with the temperature around 74º.

If you haven’t hiked the Land Trust trails, you are missing out on some great trails.  The trails are primarily located on Monte Sano Mountain in Huntsville, Alabama, but there are others located throughout Madison County and north Alabama.  The Land Trust has over 3,400 acres of land.  The trails include many levels of difficult from easy on up.

Land Trust Hike May 6th 2006We hiked all over the area between the Land Trust Parking lot and Cleermont Drive.  I highlighted our hike on the map.  It is a beautiful area with a creek running between the Fagan Spring Trail and Wildflower Trail.  We found a lot of wild life on the hike.  I saw a large black snake that was over three foot in length, but it move to quickly for Karen to catch up and see it.  Soon after the first snake, we saw smaller two foot long black snake similar to the first.  The snake did not move.  I guess warm of the sun was to good to leave.  The under growth was jumping with life, too.  We saw chipmunks, squirrels, and lizards frequently.  Karen spotted a pool of tadpoles.  They were too young to see any legs or arms.

If you are interested in hiking the area, I have provided a link here to the trails in PDF format.

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