Hanging at Kenny Mango's Listing to Larry Woellhart

Karen and I headed downtown to Kenny Mango's Coffee Shop and Gallery. We had just finished a great workout at HAC so we headed to Kenny's to listen to Larry Woellhart, a friend, playing music. Kenny Mango's is located on North Side Square in Huntsville, Alabama. The crowd is not too small or too large. Kenny promises that he will get me a WiFi connection some day soon, but you may be able to pickup a nearby business' signal. (Not that I am suggesting you hijack a WiFi.)

Karen enjoyed the chamomile teas while I had cappuccinos and chai teas. The feeling of hot caffeine rushing through you helps you relax at 10 o'clock at night. Not!

Mother's Day Just Around the Corner

Well, I hope that you have been thinking about your mother. Mother's Day is this coming Sunday. It is a good day to remember what our mother's have done for us.

For some, it is a day of reflection of things past. For others, it is a time to call our mothers or spend some time together.

Many of us have memories of past Mother's Day. Some of us are just starting to build memories.

Were ever you find yourself in this list of possibilities, I hope that you stop and remember your mother for all the sacrifices she made for you.