Buzz for Free The Hops’ Beer Tasting in Huntsville

The level of buzz is starting to rise for the Free The Hops‘ Beer Tasting in Huntsville. This will be the first tasting in Huntsville for the organization.

It is a great opportunity to try beers NOT available within Alabama due to the prohibition era laws. The laws in Alabama define beer as follows:

BEER, or MALT OR BREWED BEVERAGES. Any beer, lager beer, ale, porter, malt or brewed beverage, or similar fermented malt liquor containing one-half of one percent or more of alcohol by volume and not in excess of five percent alcohol by weight and six percent by volume, by whatever name the same may be called.

Free The Hops wants to change this law to allow speciality beers in this state. Many speciality beer are over 6% in alcohol by volume and we want to raise that limit to 14.9%.

You to can join the cause at Free The Hops. If you join, you will get to help bring great beer to Alabamians and you can join us at our tastings.

Here is a picture from the last tasting which was held in Birmingham.
Img 9844