Beer for the Free The Hops Beer Tasting

Boulder Beer CompanyI hauled beer back from Colorado Springs to server up at the Free The Hops Beer Tasting which is just around the corner.

As you may or may not know, Alabama does not allow a beer to have more than 6% alcohol by volume and the beer bottle can not be larger than 16 ounces. Boulder Beer CompanyFree The Hops is working to change these laws. Presently, we are seeking a state representative to sponsor the bill. We are planning on making a presentation to the Madison County Caucus of representative which meets the first Monday in February at the City of Huntsville building.

Our tastings require our members to bring a beer that can not be purchased in Alabama. I selected Mojo Indian Pale Ale from the Boulder Beer Company. Mojo IPA has a 6.8% alcohol by volume. Boulder Beer has a number of great beers and you will enjoy their web site which features a Lego bartender serving beer.

Karen and I went to our first tasting in Birmingham before the holidays and it was a blast. We met a lot of new people and saw a hugh selection of beer from all around the country.