Kicking Back With Olde Towne

Karen and I are sitting here enjoying Huntsville's first microbrewery known as Olde Towne Brewing Co. Sadly, there web site is not working or someone hasn't paid the bill (just kidding). They are are listed in Wikipedia.

We first had this beer at the grand debuted on August 12th, 2004 which was held at Humphrey's

We have had all of their standard brews which are Amber, Pale Ale, and Extra Pale Ale. The Extra Pale Ale is brewed for the “Bud” crowd to make the jump to microbrew. The Amber and Pale Ale are typically for their styles. All three have well received in Huntsville, but the favors vary from batch to batch.

Presently, Olde Towne has a Hefeweizen out as their seasonal brew. It has been their best offering to date according to us and friends.

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