Karen Allen's Recovery

Karen's microdiscectomy has started a long recovery. The six weeks of no lifting puts a dent in your lifestyle.

Karen is managing a team of friends to help her at the house with Katherine Elizabeth, our baby girl. She juggles a lot of schedules to get enough people to cover the week.

The key thing to remember is that microdiscectomy does not repair the disc in question. It only removes the herniated disc material. The disc can reherniate especial during the first six week after the procedure. The disc needs time to heal.

Karen Allen's Surgery Follow-up

Karen Allen's leg pain is gone. Her back is still sore. She hopes that the soreness is from the surgery.

Karen is stuggling to not use her back. The doctor doesn't want her picking up anything heavier that a plate of food for six weeks. Karen's research on the Internet confirms his demain. It is because the disc has not healed and could reherniate under the load.

Everyday for the next six weeks, Karen has friends helping her and baby. Today, Karen and Katherine are at Anne Bell's house for the day. Tomorrow, someone will be at our house to help.

I hope that after all this work that Karen's back heals correctly and that her back problems are gone.

Karen Allen's Microdiscectomy

My wife, Karen Allen, had a microdiscectomy today to fix her herniated disc between the L4 and L5. She had beer trying a number of treatments with no improvement.

The procedure took all day at the hospital. The actual surgery only took about 30 minutes. The doctor was running behind by about 2 hours. Another surgery was moved ahead of Karen's surgery. Karen operation started at or around 3:30PM. She had to wait in recovery for over an hour even though she was ready to go in 15 minutes. But, the hospital doesn't check you out of recovery. They send you to a room, which was not available for another 1 hour or more. Once Karen was in the room, she quickly walked around the hall and used the bathroom which is the requirement to be able to checkout. But, the nurse was going off shift so the nurse indicated she didn't have time to do the paperwork and the next shift would handle it.

We arrived at the hospital after 9 AM and we got out of hospital around 8 PM or so.

But, Karen's back is already feeling better. She only has discomfort in the area of the actual surgery, which is super.

Karen's office sent her flowers, a basket of fruit, and a basket of snack. Wow! They are so nice.

– Brian Allen