Il Vicino

Il Vicino was a new brew. The Mexicito is brewed new the style of a Mexician lager with agave juice.

The beer has fruity after tones with mellow malty flavors. It has light body and is servered with a slice of lime. I think a orange slice would have gone well with the fruitiness. It would go well with fish, but Il Vicino doesn't serve fish. Bummer!

While at Il Vicino, I had the Brown ale which is hoppy for a brown ale. But, I will have to say that most Colorado Springs beer are over hopped for their style. I always enjoy this style of beer in Colorado Springs. Il Vicino's Brown has more haze than most.

Colorado Springs for Work and Vacation!

I am sitting in Colorado Springs getting some work done. Karen will be joining me on Friday for a few days of vacation.

Last night, I stopped by Jack Quinn's for dinner. I had a Guinness and soup which was great.

Jack Quinn's is great place for draft beer and great music. Frequently, the music will be Irish folk music.

Beer Cooler Gone!

Well, the beer cooler was sold and picked up Saturday. We sold it for $250 which about what I paid for it.

I will miss the great parties we had with it servering up cold draft beer.

My wife wants to purchase new one for the new house. We will see?

Mexican Themed Party

Almost every year, Karen and I have a Cinco de Mayo celebration or Mexican themed party. Well, you can't have party without music to set the mood. I love “Lo Mejor del Top 10 de Video Rola” this album provides a wide selection of styles to make your party great. The mixes includes Salsa and Tejano styles and others. You will get looks when one of the songs comes on from Spanish speaking friends, because the song is about woman that is really a man and I will leave it that.

I also suggest a trip to the Pinata Store or for decorating ideas.

The Beer Cooler

Well, it seems like we are moving into a new phase. The phase without a beer cooler. It looks like we have someone wanting to purchase our beer cooler.

Many years ago, I had the chance to go to an auction for a Sizzler restaurant's equipment. I was able to pickup a 13 foot wood lament beer cooler with two brass towers with three taps on each. I got the cooler for either $225 or $250. You can see more about it here.

I got married and quickly determined the beer cooler has not coming into the married. It stayed at my old house which my wife and I have been renting since we married. We have put the rental house up for sell and we have been looking for a new home for the beer cooler.

I brew beer and this was a great way to server the beer. I frequently had microbrews available, too. Many guys were over joyed when coming upon the sight of the beer cooler in my garage. My garage was not the typical garage, because it was carpeted and included an old couch, a pinball machine, a dart board, and of course the beer cooler.

Great Party Music

I was just sitting here thinking about the tunes for the next party and I wanted to make a suggestion.

If you are planning a cool party and you want some great background music. I suggest that you try Ultra-Lounge: On the Rocks, Pt. 1 and Pt. 2.

The selection features many greats doing covers of great songs such as Mel Torme's cover of Happy Together.

These tunes will go well with chilled martinis as the cool sounds fill the room making you think sitting a lounge talking with friends.

Kicking Back With Olde Towne

Karen and I are sitting here enjoying Huntsville's first microbrewery known as Olde Towne Brewing Co. Sadly, there web site is not working or someone hasn't paid the bill (just kidding). They are are listed in Wikipedia.

We first had this beer at the grand debuted on August 12th, 2004 which was held at Humphrey's

We have had all of their standard brews which are Amber, Pale Ale, and Extra Pale Ale. The Extra Pale Ale is brewed for the “Bud” crowd to make the jump to microbrew. The Amber and Pale Ale are typically for their styles. All three have well received in Huntsville, but the favors vary from batch to batch.

Presently, Olde Towne has a Hefeweizen out as their seasonal brew. It has been their best offering to date according to us and friends.

Southern Brewers Festival

Karen and I have booked travel to the Southern Brewers Festival in Chattanooga, TN on the riverfront. It will be September 10th, 2005 instead of the Saturday before Labor Day weekend. It is a great event for all. Typically, 10 to 15 brewers are represented and each brewer has at least two beers available to tasting. At only buck a tasting with everything going to charity, who can beat it!

We stay for the whole weekend, because their is so much to do in Chattanooga. The best place to stay is Courtyard which across the street from all the activities.

We hope to see you there. We will be right in the middle of it all sitting in our folding chairs with cold beer, of course.