Pajamas and Pancakes

Katie Beth’s school, Asbury School, is having a Pajamas and Pancakes day. All the children get to wear pajamas to school and they are having pancakes for lunch.

Katie Beth is very excited about the day and has been looking forward to it.

The picture is of her as she arrived for school this morning in pajamas and with the milk for the class lunch.

Huntsville Hockey Club

Katie Beth and I finally had a chance to go see the Huntsville Hockey Club play. Katie Beth had fun cheering for the players.

If you are looking for some fun, the Huntsville Hockey Club plays Tuesday at 7 PM in the VBCC area. There is free parking in the south parking garage and just enter in the lower south entrance of the arena.

Hiking on Rainbow Mountain

The weather is wonderful today with the temperature at 61°F. The wind is blowing up the side of Rainbow Mountain.

The hiking is great. We are seeing a lot of hikers and friendly dogs.

We are climbing all over the rocks and fallen tree.

You can see more pictures here.