Pizzas and Beer

What pizzas! Ann and Karen are putting the last touches on the pizzas.

We are having a great time with Jay and Ann Kissel tasting all these beers. Katie Beth is having a blast, too.

Seeing Reindeer in the Rain

We stopped in to see the reindeer at the Galaxy of Lights. The weather made for a cold, wet, and windy visit with 2 reindeer. They had nice fur coats so they didn’t mind. Katie Beth and Karen enjoyed the fake snow.

But, I dropped Karen’s camera on the concrete. Bummer!

Cookies and Milk

Katie Beth is very excited about Christmas. She is worried about Santa Cluas, too. She has just finished placing out a plate of gingerbread cookies and a jar of milk, but she wanted to clean the fireplace before he arrives.

Christmas Upon Us

We are getting ready for Christmas. The tree is up. I have been traveling, but Katie Beth and Karen have been working hard to get things in order.

It won’t be long and Christmas day will be on us.