Our Little Cook

Our Little CookKatie Beth in her apron that just came in the mail. She loved it. We got out her toddler cookbook and made multicolored meringues.

She had a blast, but I could not get her to use less force. Meringue went everywhere and she kept eating the power sugar that had fallen on the floor and table.

But, they tastes very good.

Having Fun with Everyone

Having Fun with EveryoneLittle Connell, Baylie, Karen, and Katie Beth are having fun while eating pretzels and playing.

Katie Beth had just opened her gifts from Baylie and Brooke. Brooke and Little Connell are my brother’s children and Baylie is Brooke’s daughter.

Aaron Moore’s Christmas Concert

Aaron Moore’s Christmas ConcertWe had a great time. Katie Beth got to see her cousin Ricky. Aaron seemed to enjoy us coming to his concert. We got to visit prior to the concert at their home.

On a side note, we stopped by McDonalds on the way home to get a bite to eat. They had ran out of Coca-Cola. Aagh! How do you run out of Coca-Cola?