I'm hanging out at the Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom is a good place to meet your friends. The pizza is good, but it is on the sweet side for some.

Karen has crashed early for the night and Katie Beth is down, too.

So, I walked up to Mellow Mushroom to enjoy a beer. The customers are thinning out. The music is very 80’s and 70’s. Presently, it is a Police song, “Material World”.

I had Olde Towne’s Oktoberfest. It is a little too sweet, but it is not a malty sweet.

Playing in the Mud

Playing in the MudThere is nothing like playing in the mud on a rainy day. Katie Beth is loving it.

And, we got to checkout our new bicycle seat for Katie Beth, which I think she likes. But, she is almost too big for it. I know Karen is going to love hearing that given she just purcased it this week. But, she only paid $7.

Earlyworks Childrens’ Museum

Earlyworks Childrens' MuseumKatie Beth is working at the General Store. We are in “Biscuit’s Backyard” for young children at the Earlyworks Childrens’ Museum.

Katie Beth enjoyed playing with the water, too. They have coveralls to keep you dry, which is very nice.

There were too many children, which means there is not enough of each item to go around. But, it all works out.

Hanging out at Huntsville Botanical Garden

Hanging out at Huntsville Botanical GardenWe are having fun walking through the butterfly garden. The Monarch butterflies are hatching.

Katie Beth got to look at them really close. She even had one fly into her face and she laughed with excitement. The moments like these are sweet and I hope she remembers them. She sees the true beauty in life around her.

You want to hold these things close as a parent, because they warm your heart.

Old Fashion Grilling

Old Fashion GrillingKaren is out shopping. I’m watching Katie Beth.

We are having a great time other than sand in the eye.

We are grilling with Karen’s father’s grill from prior to 1975. I would guess 1970. It is called the “Portable Kitchen”. With a name like that, I could see this grill being from the 60’s or 50’s.

Katie Beth is having fun. She is wanting to do everything that I do. Her favorite line is “I’ll help my daddy.”