All Aboard

Katie Beth was having a great time riding her train, but she stopped about when she saw me taking her picture.

The New Addition to Our Car

The New Addition to Our CarWe love going to Disney World so we are showing it now. We saw these stickers during our last trip in May to Walt Disney World. We just had to get them.

Karen worked really hard to get them laid out just right on the car. I think they look great.

Busy Weekend

I have had a busy weekend. But, it has been good.

I’m off to the pool to relax for a minute.

Tired from too much Fun

Tired from too much FunWe had a great time at the park and creek, but Katie Beth is at her limit. I’m strolling home to put her to bed.

It is warm today. We both finished our drinks.

She wants to go to the pool next and the baseball game tonight. I don’t think she will last. But, I’m game.

Life is a Highway

Katie loves to dance. She only needs to hear some music with a good beat and away she goes. I captured this with my iPhone so the quality is not the best. I even overdubbed the audio to clear up the music quality.

Making Hamburgers

Making HamburgersKatie Beth made her first humburger patties with her dad today. Wow, we were having fun, but we had to manage her hands.

We ended up washing every surface that she got near and then some.

Every weekend, we make some meal together. She is always looking forward to help with the meal.