Our Climber

3495192584_9ee4d77792_oShe is going crazy in the Tinker Bell’s Pixie Hollow Fairy Garden.

Karen is actually letting Katie Beth push the limit.

We have fairy stickers for someone back home.

Mulan at China in Epcot

Mulan at China in EpcotKatie Beth and Mulan had great time. Katie Beth took Mulan on small tour of China. Katie Beth just took Mulan’s hand and off they went to see China. Mulan was a sweat heart.

Everyone was wondering where Mulan was going with this little girl.

Talk about a magical moment.


Katie Beth made her first proclamation of mine!

I was playing a game of guess the hand that is holding something. She announced that the pacifier was “mine”.

Our Trip has Started

Our Trip has StartedKatie Beth is enjoying the view on our flight to Altanta, GA. She is
very relaxed given we got up around 3:30AM.

Only a few more hours and we will be at Walt Disney World.