3rd Annual Firkin Rendezvous

FirkinsI got lucky and was in town for the 3rd Annual Firkin Rendezvous, which was held at Bristol Brewing Company in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Firkin is a term that means 1/4 and is the name of the keg that is a 1/4 of barrel.  This kind of keg is typically used for a Cask Ale, which is the feature of this great event.

I was introduced to Mike Bristol during the event.  He has glad to see that people from Huntsville, Alabama were enjoying the benefit.  I indicated that I try to visit for brewery any time I am in Colorado Springs.

We they had great selection of beer from all around Colorado including Hercules Double IPA from Great Divide Brewing, Double Diff Strong Belgian Wit from Ska Brewing, Churchyard Strong Scotch Ale from Wynkoop Brewing, Blueberry Wheat from Durango Brewing, and any others.  I was glad to see Bristol even had their XXX Warlock Double Imperial Stout on hand.