Returning the Treo 650

I have tried the Treo 650 for about a week, but I have decided to return the phone and cancel service with Cingular.

I decided to return the phone, because I know the 700 series Treo is due any day. The 650 has only 32MB of memory and from what I have read on the Internet this is a big limitation. I would really like a smaller phone. The Treo 650 weights twice as much as my Sony Ericcson T68i. The Treo 650 is too big to fit in a pair of jeans. Also, the phone was getting unlocked in my pocket.

The phone automatically locks and requires a two key method to unlock it. Appearently, it is very easy to press the two keys. You will be walking along and hear the phone activate.

I was able to get the data connection working with the laptop after some trial and error. I managed to get a speed of 100 kbps to 160kbps depending of signal strength in the Huntsville, Alabama area.

I just hope something better come along soon, because I am ready to switch away from T-Mobile.

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