Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary

Couple selfie at Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary celebration at Front of Cinderella Castle looking down Main Street
Front of Cinderella Castle Looking Down Main Street

We were lucky enough to find available days to attend Walt Disney World’s 50 Anniversary opening day. The crowds were crazy at the gate. The thing to purchase was the popcorn buckets shaped like balloons in red, green, yellow, or blue. It was crazy seeing people wait in the very long lines for popcorn or carrying around eight popcorn buckets.

We were excited to make it into the day one tent sale of “The Anniversary Collection” to purchased requested gifts and Annual Passholder items for us including pins. We also picked up the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Geometric Starbucks Tumbler, which had people almost fighting over them.

Restaurant interior view of Disney’s Space 220 restaurant.
Space 220 Restaurant Interior

Space 220 Restaurant had a soft opening that started the day we arrived in Walt Disney World. We learned no seatings were available. Later in the day, we stopped by to confirm the lack of seatings, but we found a line. We learned, on as able basis, they were sitting people in the bar area. After a long friendly wait chatting with others in the line, we were welcomed into Space 220. We learned about half capacity was not being used in the restaurant. People, from our line, were being seated in the dining and bar area with the full menu available to both areas. The food was amazing. We had the Blue Moon Cauliflower, Starry Calamari, Florida Red Snapper, and X2 Duck. We finished with Lemon Mousse and Mango Gelato.

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure Entrance to Ride

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure was next up on our list. Being Annual Passholder and Disney Vacation Club, we frequently get early access to new attractions. Disney expanded The France pavilion to include new space for restaurants and the new Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure attraction. It is a 3D motion ride from the perspective of Remy going through Gusteau’s famous restaurant.

Overall, it was a great trip to Walt Disney World with beautiful weather and reduced Covid restrictions.