New Life & New Town

Family and New HouseWe have moved to Rome, Georgia were Katie Beth will go to Darlington School. The school is were Hope is the principle of the K-8th grade portion of the K-12 grade school.

Hannah and Charlie have both attended Darlington and love it. Katie Beth has been wanting to go here as well. She is looking forward to seeing her cousins more along with Aunt Hope and Uncle Chuck.

Karen, Katie Beth, and I have been driving to Rome on a regular basis viewing houses. Some weeks have included 2 or 3 trips to Rome. Karen’s new car has a lot of miles on it to show for it.

We closed on our new house on December 22nd and we have lots of boxes to unpack.

Time To Clean Out the Garage

Time To Clean Out the GarageThe weekend is set for me. The garage is over due for a cleaning. I’m putting up selves and more.

At least, I have some beer to drink while I work. You may have spotted the tap handles on the right of the picture.

Working The Taxes

Working The TaxesWe are almost done working our taxes. I do the initial work of completing the taxes. Karen follows up by reworking through them to look for deficiencies.

On the bright side, we are getting money back. Weeee!

Water, Water, everywhere!

We started to work on our water heater and it turned into stopping the water damage. We were simply flushing our water heater, then we heard water pouring out of our ceiling behind us.

The faucets were open upstairs to let the water tank drain quicker, but we had left a drain closed in one sink. As we turned on the water to help stir the tank bottom, the water flowed upstairs easier than out the bottom of the tank.

We were filling the sink in the upstairs bath. Then, we started to fill the bathroom floor. Then, we started to fill the master bedroom. Then, we started to fill the hall and next bathroom.
The water got almost every towel wet so we really didn’t have anything to soak up the water. We filled a 30 gallon trash can with wet towels. Some furniture got wet feet, which had to be dried quickly to avoid staining the carpet.

The ceiling damage covers most of our den, which is directly below our master bathroom. We had water coming through from two areas that were about one square foot each, but we have water stains covering about three square feet.  The ceiling picture looks like it has shadows, but it is actually covered with wet spots, stains, and sagging ceiling.

House Remodeling

We are slowly remodeling our house.  Everything started in our bathrooms by pulling down the wallpaper.

Presently, we are working in the dining room.  We have pulled down the wallpaper and repaired the walls.  (The wallpaper was hung without the walls being prepared correctly.)  As of today, we have painted the walls with “Linen White” and “Earth Tone” from the Behr paint collection.  The trim will be done in “Clamshell” from the same collection.

After the dining room, we need to get back on the baby’s room.  We still are needing to paint the trim in that room.

Progess on Our House

Dining RoomWe are starting to make progress on our house. The dining room remodeling is starting to show signs of the end.

We have had so many problems with the walls. The original wall paper was not hung correctly. The wall paper pulled a lot of the sheet rook off, which makes the repairs very hard. After many muddings and remuddings, we finally finished prepping the walls for paint.

Today, we started the painting just have some the wall to pull off onto the paint roller. But, we will have to just wait until tomorrow to see how bad the damage it going to be.

Hopefully, it will only require a little repair so we can wrap up the dining room and move onto the next project.

– Brian Allen