Beautiful Sunrise

Today’s sunrise was very beautiful. I rarely get to see the sunrise as it is dark as I get ready in the morning for work.

But, I was treated to a sunrise this morning as I walked down the hall at work today.

To be so beautiful, sunrises and sunsets are so fleeting. It would be neat to have the sky filled with these colors throughout the day.

Busy Weekend

I have had a busy weekend. But, it has been good.

I’m off to the pool to relax for a minute.

Sick & Shopping

We are home still recovering from our sicknesses and trying to catch up on our shopping.

Karen has a new illness which has her in bed. Hopefully, she will start improving soon.

I am shopping with Katie Beth. We are heading home to make lunch and put Katie Beth down for a nap. I picked up some chicken broth for Karen.

Allison’s Visited Tonight

Allison's Visited TonightWe had great time tonight with Allison. She joined us for dinner and a movie. We had homemade lasagna with homemade French bread. The movie was Rataouille, which Allison hasn’t seen and Karen has only seen parts due to sleeping through some of it.

Katie Beth enjoyed Allison’s entertainment, which was non-stop from walking in the door to Katie Beth going to sleep.

Karen’s New Do

Karen's New DoShe got some blond highlights in her hair today. It looks good.

Normally, Karen’s hair goes blond, but she has not been in the sun much lately. So, if not nature, why not chimicals!

Karen Allen's Recovery

Karen's microdiscectomy has started a long recovery. The six weeks of no lifting puts a dent in your lifestyle.

Karen is managing a team of friends to help her at the house with Katherine Elizabeth, our baby girl. She juggles a lot of schedules to get enough people to cover the week.

The key thing to remember is that microdiscectomy does not repair the disc in question. It only removes the herniated disc material. The disc can reherniate especial during the first six week after the procedure. The disc needs time to heal.