Visiting Darlington

Mechanical bull We spent the whole weekend at Hope’s campus, Darlington School.  Darlington held their Tiger Fest on campus and took part at the local minor league baseball activities including parading the lower grade on the field.

Hope and I challenged each other to a mechanical bull riding contest.  Hope cheated and used two hands, but it was a lot of fun.

JoustLater, Charlie, Hope, and I had a joust, which I rocked!

You can see all of the photos here including my birthday celebration that Hope put on for me.

Zooming Around with RC Car

RC Car, Zoom!We fired up the RC Car after Karen got us a new charger and battery.  Karen had a blast giving it a snip around the driveway.

Katie Beth was a bit timid driving it around, but Karen had a great time showing her how much fun could be had with the car.

More photos here.

Painted Lady Butterfly Release

Karen & Katie Beth Opening Butterfly HouseWe had a butterfly house for a bit and today was the release of the Painted Lady Butterflies.

It has been neat watching the crystalline jiggle and shake as the butterflies matured.

You can see more photos here.  The username and password are “friends” and “photos”.

Painted Lady Butterfly

Pliers and A Tooth

Getting Ready to PullKatie Beth requested that her loose tooth be removed with pliers. We decided to oblige her. But, we thought she would have second thoughts at the last second.

So, we decided to surprise her. We said Karen would pull the tooth on the count of three, but she planned to actually pull the tooth on two.

Tooth Pulled

She didn’t even realize the tooth was gone.

It is so much fun being a parent.

Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls CeilingThis morning, we visited Ruby Falls.  Other than the water fall, Cathedral Cavern has far better stalactites and stalagmites than Ruby Falls.

Katie Beth enjoyed touching the stalagmites, which you are not allowed to do in Cathedral Cavern.

You can see all of the photos here.

Rock City

Fat Man SqueezeWe took a trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee this weekend.  We started our visit at Rock City.  Katie Beth thought is was so cool to see all of the rock formations.

The photo shows Karen going through Fat Man Squeeze.

You can see more photos here.