Playing Fibber

Playing FibberSomeone is lying! We had a great time playing the new game: Fibber.

Anytime you are caught lying you have to add to your “Pinocchio” nose.  We had a crazy time.  (I won!)

Tinsel Trail

Katie Beth at Tinsel TrailKatie Beth and I visit the Tinsel Trail for the first time.  I has very interesting seeing al the different ideas for decorations.  A few were just businesses put company stuff on a tree, but many of the trees were very original and pretty.

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Our Christmas

Magic School Bus BooksWe had a very nice Christmas at our house this morning.   It is very nice when your child enjoy receiving books for gifts.

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Disney Trip Planning!

Walt Disney World Trip PlanningWell, a Walt Disney World trip planning package arrived in the mail today including a Mickey thumb drive.  We didn’t expect this package, but we had read online that some people were receiving thumb drives with planning information.

The package included a planning schedule for when we could book restaurants, attractions, and more.

It turned out the thumb drive only have a links to the Walt Disney World website.

Making the Faculty Christmas Gift

Karen and Katie Beth Mixing IngredientsKatie Beth and Karen made Christmas gifts for all of the faculty and staff at Holy Family Regional School.  They made hot cocoa mix reindeers.  The reindeer faces are made with cocoa powder blended with powder sugar and dried milk.  The tops of the faces are made of mini-marshmellows and mini-kisses.

Breakfast with Santa

Chatting with SantaWe had a good time at the annual Breakfast with Santa event put on by Holy Family Regional School.  Katie Beth enjoyed chatting with Santa and playing with her classmates.

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