First Day of Mother’s Day Out

Karen found this sign on the front door of Katie Beth’s classroom.

Katie Beth has started back to school. Karen was looking for a two or three day program. Last year’s school, Holy Family School, was too full to let us send Katie Beth just a few days a week. And, they are really setup for just daycare from 8 to 3 for 5 days a week for four year olds.

Today, Katie Beth worked on Spanish colors and music. She already has a field trip planned, too.

Karen was impressed with the security, too. Fingerprint scans are used to check in and pick Katie Beth.

Katie Beth said she had a great time. She is really ready to head back on Friday.

Walking in the Spring On Rainbow Mountain

Katie Beth is having a wonderful time here in the water. She was hoping to find tadpoles.

The weather is nice, but the temperature is rising quickly.

It all ended when Katie Beth fell on the trail into a poison ivy plant! We went right home for a scrub down from top to bottom. The plants are all covered with the shiny oils of the poison ivy.