Tracy Carreon's "A Moment's Peace"

Tracy Carreon
Tracy Carreon's “A Moment's Peace”

“A Moment’s Peace… It can be so difficult to find these days. Yet, taking time to slow down and replenish our energy is essential for health and well-being. If you desire to reduce stress, create balance, and connect with a greater sense of peace, wisdom and joy, this beautiful audio is a gift you give to yourself. Here are the essentials for creating a personal stress reduction practice, with three powerful visualizations that invite you into a restful, centered state. Enter, and be deeply renewed. Return, and find yourself ready to fully embrace life… and all of its moments.” ©

This a great relaxation CD.

St. Patrick's Day

Finnegan's Pub is the place to be in Huntsville, Alabama. Karen and I will be heading over there today around lunch in order to do things right.

I hope you can join us. If you can't join us, I suggest that you at least stop by some Irish site.

Rediscoverying the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Yeah Yeah YeahsI see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are coming out with a new album, but I had forgotten the great songs they had made in the past.

It is amazing how a little reminder can bring back many things.

On their Fever to Tell album, they have a great tune in the song “Maps“. The sound just runs on forever in your mind after hearing it.

And if it doesn't run on in your mind, their web site may stick in your mind or your nightmares.

Building a Computer Based DVR

I am ordering Apple's new Intel based Mac Mini to integrate with Plextor's ConvertX DVR. I will be able to record television shows directly to my computer for viewing later on trips or for burn onto DVDs.

But, the Mac Mini's internal hard drive is too small so I going to purchase LaCie's 250 GB Mini External Hard Drive with FireWire Interface which should give me days of recording time. I have learned from experience that bigger is better. I have gone out of town to learn that my current DVR has filled up and is now deleting older recordings. Bummer!

I am going to use Apple's Wireless Keyboard and Wireless Mouse so that we can work the system from across the room.