Ronning Christmas Celebration

Ronning family ChristmasWe had a wonderful gathering at Terri’s house for the Ronning’s Christmas.  We play dirty Santa, but no one wanted to steal presents from each other. I only remember 2 steals happening during the game. But, everyone really enjoyed what they got. We talked about ideas for next year’s party. Ugly sweater came up and crazy Christmas card was another. 

It was a very special time especially with Terri’s surgery being just a few days from now.

Christmas Tree Hunting

Katie Beth cutting Christmas treeKatie Beth has been wanting a real tree for Christmas for years so this is the year for the real tree. We headed out to Valley Christmas Tree Plantation. They are so nice at this farm.

I’m not sure what it is, but we have always picked the coldest day and this was no different.

Katie Beth hauling Christmas treeKatie Beth lead us around the farm checking out any and every tree. After a few trees, they all started to look the same to her. In the end, we picked a nice one and Katie Beth got to cut it down with the tree saw.

She was excited to get it home and start decorating.

You see the decorated tree here.  Remember, the username and password are “Friends” and “Photos”.

Blue Ridge Thanksgiving Parade

Karen and Katie Beth waving to passing floatWe headed out this morning to the watch the Blue Ridge Thanksgiving parade, which is part of the Light up Blue Ridge celebration. We couldn’t get going fast enough this morning to see Mrs. Claus and Mr. Claus arrive on the train.  But, we arrived early enough to find a good spot to watch the parade. 

The best part of Blue Ridge parades is that they throw lots of candy and other interesting stuff.  We got cards for free ice cream and free putt-putt. We even got bottles of essential oils. 

After the parade, we got some hot chocolate and walked to the playground to let Katie Beth play with all of the other child. Karen got to check out the shops while I watched Katie Beth. Once Karen returned, we headed to Masseria Kitchen & Bar for pizza, which is awesome. Katie Beth had been asking to go ever since we arrived in Blue Ridge, Ga. 

It was fun having Hope and her crew over for dinner yesterday and playing the game of Clue. 

We are having a great time here in Blue Ridge, Ga. 

Great Thanksgiving

img_5121We had a great Thanksgiving dinner even if I did leave all of the recipes back home on the kitchen counter.  My mistake caused a bit of stress as I searched the Internet for the recipes while shopping for the remaining ingredients.  You can see Karen and Katie Beth with one of the cooked ducks. All of our dishes turned out great except the delicata squash recipe, which needed some adjustments to make it work.

Thanksgiving Day FunWe built the Lego Winter Holiday Train while watching classic Charlie Brown cartoons after we had our Thanksgiving meal.  We got the power components for the train, which made it neat to drive the train around the tracks.

You can see all of our Blue Ridge Thanksgiving photos here. Remember, the username and password are “Friends” and “Photos”.

Thanksgiving Vacation Started!

Cabin Fire place in Blue Ridge, GeorgiaMy feet are up and life is good. We are looking forward to an adventure filled vacation here in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Karen has all ready put many dates on the calendar including a Silent Auction. Katie Beth is looking forward to seeing Hannah and Charlie this weekend. I’m looking forward to the drive-in movie at the Swan Drive-In, which is a double feature of Moana and Dr. Strange.  We may pass on the Dr. Strange as it is a bit too much for young children. 

Katie Beth’s Halloween Costume

Katie Beth as Professor McGonagallKatie Beth and many of her classmates decided to dress as many of the Harry Potter characters.  Katie Beth wanted to be Professor McGonagall.  Her friends dressed as Hogwarts students such as Hermione Granger (Claire) and Moaning Myrtle (Maddy).

Karen set out to make this costume with the sewing machine.  After searching for a bit, Karen found a pattern that would work.  Then, she realized Professor McGonagall doesn’t wear a cape, but a robe.  Karen was able to complete redesign the costume into the needed robe.  She did a very good job if I say so.  Someone, at a party, made Katie Beth a clay snake that Karen wrapped around a chopstick and baked firm to be Professor McGonagall’s wand.

Katie Beth as Professor McGonagallKatie Beth had a blast with the costume, but she didn’t want to keep it on as usual.

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Krispy Kreme

Pirate CostumesKatie Beth, Karen, and I donned our pirate costumes after finishing up Katie Beth’s soccer game against Holy Family School (her previous school) and we headed to Krispy Kreme.

They annually give away doughnuts on this “holiday”.  Full costume gets you a dozen Original Glazed doughnuts while just talking like a pirate gets you one Original Glazed doughnut.

A lot of Katie Beth’s soccer team joined us for the pure fun of getting doughnuts and talking like a pirate.